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If you want a quick turnaround and can measure and fit yourself, we have a range of Clearance stock always available. Fabrics in stock continously change, so best to visit factory in Blaydon to view current available items. These end-of-roll materials are retailed at between 50% & 75% less than what you would normally pay.


Blind designs vary greatly but like curtains can perform far more than cut down light, add privacy and increase energy efficiency. An older or unsightly window can be disguised beautifully with blinds.


For example blinds can be used to finish off the final touches of a newly renovated property and give it the wow factor people need to get their imaginative juices flowing when viewing your property. A finished house, with dressed windows make it look more like a home and can turn what could be a cold environment into a very warm homely environment, and ultimately get your property rented.